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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Vilnius, Klaipėda
Armenian language, Lithuanian language, Russian language
Armenian Apostolic Church

Armenians in Lithuania refers to ethnic Armenians living in Lithuania.

According to the last Lithuanian census of 2011 there were 1,233[2] Armenians in Lithuania. Armenian organizations put the number around 2,500.[3] According to Soviet 1989 census there are 1,655 Armenians in Lithuania.[4] The Armenians live mainly in Vilnius.


The settlement of Armenians in Lithuania, in the distant past of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was of an episodic nature and was due mainly to the needs of trade, although from the historical sources it is known, that Armenian school was established in 16th century Vilnius, Armenian guild in the 16th to 18th centuries Vilnius.[5] One of the most prominent painter of the 19th century in Lithuania was Jan Rustem (Armenian: Յան Ռուստամ).


The roots of the Armenian community now living in Lithuania traces back to migration occurring in the 20th century. A Khachkar was erected in the Hill of crosses in 2001 and in the center of Kaunas in 2004. An Armenian church was opened in Vilnius in 2006.[6]

Population of Armenians in Lithuania 1959–2011
census 19591 census 19702 census 19793 census 19894 census 20015 census 20115
Number  % Number  % Number  % Number  % Number  % Number  %
471 0.02 508 0.02 955 0.03 1,655 0.04 1,477 0.04 1,233 0.04
1 Source: [3]. 2 Source: [4]. 3 Source: [5]. 4 Source: [6]. 5 Source: [7].

Famous Lithuanian Armenians[edit]


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