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Swiss-Armenians are citizens of Switzerland of Armenian ancestry. The exact number of Armenians in the country is unknown, but it is unofficially estimated that about 3,000-5,000 Armenians live in Switzerland.

The majority of Swiss Armenians are members of the Armenian Apostolic Church under the jurisdiction of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin. There are four church regions (tems): Geneva, Zurich, Neuchatel and Lugano. The Saint Hagop Church in Troinex / Geneva serves mainly the west of the country, whereas Armenians living in the east parts conduct their religious services in a number of sister Swiss churches. There are also a smaller number of Armenian Catholics belonging to the Armenian Catholic Church and even a smaller number of Armenian Evangelicals.

Armenian associations[edit]

A number of Armenian associations operate in Switzerland:

  • Union Arménienne de Suisse (UAS) is certainly the biggest operating Armenian association. Based in Geneva, it organizes an annual European Intercommunity Tournament in the city.
  • Union Genérale Arménienne de Bienfaisance (UGAB)
  • H.O.M – Association de secours arménienne de Suisse with the Swiss branch established in 2006.
  • AVZ – Armenischer Verein Zürich in Zurich established in 2005.
  • Association des Dames Arméniennes - Genève - Since 1986 it publishes the bilingual Artzakank in French and Armenian.
  • Switzerland-Armenia Association" / Association Suisse-Arménie / Gesellschaft Schweiz-Armenien, a major community organization for Armenians in Switzerland.
  • Centre Arménien de Genève" community center near Saint Hagop.

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