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Armin Medosch (2004)

Armin Medosch (1962, Graz – 2017, Vienna) was an Austrian artist, curator, theorist and critic working in the fields of, new media art and DiY networking.[1][2]


Medosch received his PhD from the Goldsmiths with research on the New Tendencies movement.[3] As a journalist he wrote extensively on art and technology for publications in German and English, and on lists such as Nettime. From 1996-2002 he was co-editor of Telepolis: The Magazine of Netculture. For many years he collaborated with media art organisation RIXC co-editing issues of their Acoustic Space Journal and co-curating exhibitions, and collaborated with artist Shu Lea Cheang on the Kingdom of Piracy project. Medosch previously taught on the MA course on Interactive Digital Media at Ravensbourne (college), London (2002–07).

Medosch died of cancer in 2017.



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