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Armin Ronacher
Armin Ronacher in August 2014.jpg
Ronacher in 2014
Born (1989-05-10) May 10, 1989 (age 30)
Other namesmitsuhiko
Known forFlask web framework

Armin Ronacher (born May 10, 1989) is an Austrian open source software programmer and the creator of the Flask web framework for Python.

He is a frequent speaker at developer conferences and has a popular blog about software development and open source.[1]


Armin Ronacher started his work in Open Source as a freelance developer for the German Ubuntu Community portal "ubuntuusers"[2] through which he later became a founding member of the German Ubuntu Association in 2005.[3]

While working on ubuntuusers Ronacher re-discovered the Python programming language and wrote some of the earliest implementations for WSGI with the goal to write a bulletin board in Python together with Georg Brandl.[4] This board was to be called "Pocoo" and to be a replacement for phpBB in Python.[5] While the bulletin board never managed a stable release, many other projects appeared out of the Pocoo umbrella project: the Pygments syntax highlighter,[6] the Sphinx documentation generator, the Jinja template engine and many other libraries for Python. He also contributed functionality for the Python AST module[7] and the Ordered Dict for Python.[8] After an elaborate April fool's joke where he bundled his libraries in a one-file microframework[9] he decided to create the Flask web framework. It went on to become one of the two most popular web development frameworks (next to Django) for Python and the associated libraries found a new home under the "Pallets"[10] community.

He also created the Lektor CMS, the Twig template engine, and contributed to a large list of Open Source applications and libraries.

He worked for Plurk, for Fireteam (a game network infrastructure company owned by Splash Damage),[11] and most recently for the Sentry crash reporting tool.

Armin Ronacher is a frequent speaker at Open Source conferences around the world.[12]



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