Armindo Nobs Ferreira

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Armindo Nobs Ferreira is a former Brazilian association football coach.

In mid 1933 he succeeded Victor Guisard as coach of Botafogo FC of Rio de Janeiro. With the club he won in 1933 and 1934 the State Championships of the AMEA, one of two rivalling football associations of the then national Brazilian capital.

Between September 1934 and February 1935 he managed as successor of Luiz Vinhaes the Brazil national football team. During his reign, Brazil played thirteen matches, winning twelve and losing one. However, all of these matches were friendlies against club teams and various regional selections. He was succeeded by Adhemar Pimenta.[1]

Armindo Nobs Ferreira probably dealt with radios and refrigerators as business and died on 7 February 1947.[2]


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