Armitage Shanks

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Armitage Shanks
Private (subsidiary of Bain Capital)
IndustryBathroom fixtures & plumbing supplies
PredecessorArmitage Ware Limited
SuccessorAmerican Standard Companies
FounderThomas Bond
Number of locations
8 factories
Area served
United Kingdom

Armitage Shanks is a British manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies, now part of the group Ideal Standard.

In 2004, Armitage Shanks had eight factories in the United Kingdom, the largest in Armitage, Staffordshire. Armitage Shanks is one of the sponsors of the Loo of the Year Awards.


Armitage Shanks logo on a urinal
Armitage Shanks logo on a sink

The company that became Armitage Shanks was founded in 1817, by Thomas Bond in Armitage, Staffordshire. The Armitage "sanitary pottery manufacture" became a successful toilet manufacturer in the United Kingdom. In 1907, Armitage Ware Limited was incorporated.

In 1969, Armitage merged with Shanks Holdings Limited, a competing "sanitary engineering company" established at Barrhead near Glasgow, Renfrewshire in 1878, producing the famous brand name Armitage Shanks.[1]

In 1980, Armitage Shanks was purchased by Blue Circle Industries, and in February 1999, Blue Circle sold its bathroom division (consisting of Armitage Shanks and the Italian Ceramica Dolomite) to United States based American Standard Companies for US$430 million.

Following this purchase, the Armitage Shanks brand continued in the United Kingdom, and their former export markets. American Standard were acquired by Bain Capital in February 2007, and is now majority owned by Sun Capital Partners.


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