Armless Tiger Man

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Armless Tiger Man
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Mystery Comics #26
Created by Paul Gustavson
Al Bellman
In-story information
Alter ego Gustav Hertz
Species Human
Abilities Sharp teeth that allow for grabbing on to a chain, swing on a rope and bite people
Nimble tasks of agility, hurl knives from between his toes, and carry heavy weights with his feet

Armless Tiger Man is a supervillain in Marvel Comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Gustav Hertz is a man who worked in a mechanical laboratory in his youth. One day, his arms were caught in the machine and ended up amputated. After being discharged from the hospital, Gustav learned how to use his teeth and feet to act like his hands. After years of training, Gustav became the Armless Tiger Man and started a campaign to destroy machines as his revenge for the loss of his arms. He was finally caught by the Gestapo. When the Gestapo learned about his hatred towards machines, they sent Armless Tiger Man to North America to do as he would. After Armless Tiger Man murdered a man named Dill (who provided him with information on the Johnston Defense Plant), Angel was put on the trail of Armless Tiger Man. Angel traced Armless Tiger Man to his hotel room due to his wine Chateau Quim. Disguised as a hotel waiter, Armless Tiger Man recognized Angel and kicked him in the face. Angel fought back against Armless Tiger Man who slid down the chandelier chain. Angel followed until Armless Tiger Man kicked him off the chain. Angel later caught up with Armless Tiger Man at the Johnston Defense Plant where he was seen wrecking the machines. Angel fought with Armless Tiger Man and incapacitated him by jamming a piece of pipe in his mouth. After tying up Armless Tiger Man and interrogating him on his motives, Angel handed him over to the police.[1]

At some point in his life, Armless Tiger Man died for he was seen in the Underworld serving on Pluto's jury (alongside Abomination, Artume, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Commander Kraken, Iron Monger, Jack O'Lantern, Kyknos, Nessus, Orka, Scourge of the Underworld, and Veranke) at Zeus's trial.[2] Hercules attacked Armless Tiger Man and the other jury members, but they overpowered him before the trial.[3] Armless Tiger Man and the jury members later attacked Pluto when he refused to honor their promises to release them from the Underworld.[4]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Armless Tiger Man can use his teeth and feet in many ways. He can slide down a chain with his teeth, bite people and swing on a rope by biting it. His teeth have been sharpened for use as weapons. With his feet, he can hurl knives from between his toes, catch heavy weights, and perform nimble tasks of agility.

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