Armona Island

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Armona Island facing Olhão

Armona Island is one of the islands of Algarve, Portugal.[1] Armona is 9 kilometres (6 mi) in length, and from 0.1 to 1 km (0.1 to 0.6 mi) wide. It is accessible by regular 20-minute Ferry trips or even quicker water taxi from the waterfront in Olhão. The island is populated with a large number of beach houses and 5 cafe bars.[2] The main beach on the Atlantic side of the island is pristine and uncrowded, making it a popular daytrip destination for tourists staying in Olhão itself. The port is a very popular place in the summer when the locals and holiday makers dive/jump off it into the sea.[3]

Coordinates: 37°01′30″N 7°46′48″W / 37.025°N 7.780°W / 37.025; -7.780References[edit]

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