Armor Attack

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Armor Attack
Screenshot of Armor Attack without the color overlay
Screenshot of Armor Attack, minus the background overlay
Developer(s) Tim Skelly
Publisher(s) Cinematronics
Designer(s) Tim Skelly
Platform(s) Arcade Game, GCE Vectrex
Release date(s) 1980 (Arcade)
1982 (GCE Vectrex)
Genre(s) Shooter game
Mode(s) Single player, 2 player co-op
Cabinet Horizontal
Sound samples
Display Monochrome Vector

Armor Attack is a top-down vector shoot 'em up arcade game released by Cinematronics in 1980, licensed to Sega in Japan. The game was originally released as a coin-operated arcade cabinet. It was also licensed for conversion to the Vectrex video game console.


The player controls a jeep and must destroy the many tanks and helicopters that attack them in a maze-like cityscape. The jeep is armed with a rocket launcher that fires straight forward; the player can have two rockets on-screen at the time. The driving is generally similar to the well-known Combat for the Atari 2600.

Tanks periodically spawn from different locations on the edge of the screen and drive towards the player. The tanks always travel along horizontal or vertical lines, unlike the freely moving jeep. Tank turrets move to track the player, allowing them to shoot in any direction. Tanks normally take two hits to kill, and the player can have only two rockets on the screen at a time. The helicopter spawns from any point, and approaches the player in looping paths flying over the jeep and periodically firing. If hit, the helicopter spirals in.

The player can be killed by being shot by either the tanks of helicopter, or by colliding with the tanks. In two-player mode, the players can not kill each other. Gameplay periodically speeds up to increase the difficulty.