Armor Games

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Armor Games
Type Free online flash game publisher
Founded fl. March 2004 (as Games Of Gondor)[1]
October 2005 (under current name)[2]
Headquarters Irvine, California, United States
Founder(s) Daniel McNeely
Key people Daniel McNeely (Founder) [3][4]
Industry Computer Games
Alexa rank Negative increase 2,987 (January 2016)[5]
Type of site Host for Flash-based browser games
Registration Optional
Available in English
Current status Active

Armor Games, formerly Games Of Gondor, is a website based in Irvine, California, that hosts free Flash-based browser games. Armor Games was founded by Daniel McNeely.[3][6] Under its former name, it hosted The Lord of the Rings-themed content, such as the games "Hob the Hobbit", "Battle for Gondor", and "Orc Slayer".[1][2][4] The site has since hosted a variety of games across many genres, such as puzzles, shooters, action/adventure games, and strategy games.[7] In addition to hosting other developers' games, the site's staff creates free Flash games in-house. ConArtists is another popular game designer with games such as Warfare 1917 and The Last Stand. Game developers can create Flash games and get them sponsored by the site. Armor Games also has a diverse gaming system and has started to make MMO games.

Notable published or sponsored games[edit]


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