Armorial de la Comédie Humaine

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Armorial de la Comédie Humaine
Author Fernand Lotte
Original title Armorial de la Comédie Humaine
Country France
Language French
Subject literary science
Published 1963 (Garnier Frères) (French)
Media type print

Armorial de la Comédie Humaine is an armorial describing the coats of arms of the fictional characters in the literary works collectivelly called La Comédie humaine, written by Honoré de Balzac.

Balzac had a friend, Ferdinand de Grammont (1815-1897), who had knowledge in heraldry. De Grammont helped Balzac invent coats of arms for the various families of the writer's novels. They were later illustrated and collected in this armorial, published by Fernand Lotte at the publishing house of Garnier Frères in Paris in 1963. Lotte has also written other works on the fictional characters in La Comédie humaine.