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Industry Network security
Founded 2004
Headquarters Victoria, BC, Canada
Products Application Delivery Controller, Firewalls, Server Load Balancers, Application Delivery Controllers, SSL Accelerators, Virtual Appliances

Armorlogic is a security software company founded in 2004 by a group of leading Internet security specialists from some of the world's largest Internet security consulting companies. The Company's product range includes a web application firewall and content load balancer. Armorlogic's flagship product is the standalone, network-based Profense Web Application Firewall [1] recognized in the IT security industry for its ease of use, performance and support.[2]

Armorlogic is headquartered in Victoria, BC with its main development office located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Armorlogic makes the Profense products - a web application firewall software and a web load balancer. The Profense Web Application Firewall is a software appliance capable of operating on most x86 based hardware and in virtualized environments like VMWare.[3] Profense is designed to protect web applications, web sites and networks from hackers and vulnerabilities including the OWASP Top Ten risks.[4] The software aims to stop new threats and attacks before signature updates have been installed on the web server.

The web application firewall software includes:

  • Session validation and CSRF protection
  • Positive and negative filtering
  • Data leak prevention and log data masking
  • Automated policy building
  • XML services, JSON and SOAP support
  • DoS and DDoS mitigation
  • Load balancing, session persistence and compression
  • SSL client authentication

On February 21, 2011 Profense version 3.0 was released.[5] This release supports Armorlogic's goal of providing a feature full enterprise class product at affordable prices.

The Profense Load Balancer distributes traffic between web servers and assists compression and acceleration.


Available as a software appliance, Profense can be installed on most physical servers or as a VMware appliance. Profense is based on a hardened OpenBSD platform,[6] regarded by many as the most secure operating system.[7] Profense operates as a reverse proxy and has integrated load balancing and acceleration. Profense also utilizes Nginx known for its consistent high performance and ability to handle extremely high numbers of concurrent requests. Profense 3.0 is now a 64-bit operating system making it more appealing to medium and enterprise level companies who have migrated to 64-bit server hardware. Profense can protect Web applications and websites written in any language, including double byte languages such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Security standards compliance[edit]

Demand for Profense and web application firewalls generally has increased with the introduction of the PCI DSS section 6.6 requirements particularly v.1.2 [8] which made it clear that installation of a Web Application Firewall meeting the requirements will satisfy that section. Profense is fully PCI DSS section 6.6 v. 1.1 and 1.2 compliant and offers protection against all the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities. Data privacy and integrity regulations and required security audits mandated by governmental and professional authorities, along with infections and damage caused by hackers, have also prompted increasing use of such security software.[9]

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