Armoured catfish

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Armoured catfish may refer to:

  • Family Loricariidae: The armoured suckermouth catfish, also known as suckermouth catfish, armoured catfish or simply 'plecs' or 'plecos'
  • Family Callichthyidae: armoured catfish, includes the genera
    • Corydoras, sometimes referred to as armoured catfish
    • Callichthys, known as the armoured catfish
    • Hoplosternum, known as the brown hoplo, cascadura or armoured catfish and in Guyana it's called Hassa.
  • Callichthys callichthys, a species popular in the aquarium trade, common name 'armoured catfish'
  • The thorny catfishes, Doradidae, are also sometimes referred to as armoured catfish