Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster

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Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster 1947.jpg
Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
Manufacturer Armstrong Siddeley Motors
Production 1945–1952
3597 made[1]
Body and chassis
Body style 4-door 6 light saloon
Related Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane
Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon
Engine 1991 or 2309 cc Straight-6 ohv[2]
Wheelbase 115 in (2,921 mm) [3]
Length 188 in (4,775 mm) [3]
Width 68 in (1,727 mm) [3]
Height 61 in (1,500 mm)[2]
Predecessor Armstrong Siddeley 16hp
Successor Armstrong Siddeley Whitley

The Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster is an automobile which was produced by Armstrong Siddeley Motors Limited from 1945 to 1952. It was the first post-war sports saloon to be made by the company.

The chassis of the Lancaster was all new and featured independent front suspension using torsion bars and a live rear axle with leaf springs. A Girling hydro-mechanical braking system was fitted, with the front drums hydraulically operated while those at the rear used rod and cable. Wire wheels were an option but rarely fitted.[1]

At first the Lancaster was fitted with a 70 bhp 1991 cc six cylinder engine, carried over from the pre-war 16 hp model but from 1949 this grew to 2309 cc by increasing the cylinder bore from 65 to 70 mm. There was a choice of four speed synchromesh or pre-selector gearbox.

The four door, six light body was made of steel and aluminium panel fitted over a wooden frame and was bought in from Mulliners of Birmingham. An opening sunshine roof was standard.

Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster with landaulette body for Malta's government


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