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Pakistan Army Air Defence Command
Active 10 October 1999 - Present
Country  Pakistan
Branch  Pakistan Army
Type Army Corps
Role Combined arms formation
Air Defence Warfare
Size 10,000 approximately (vary as troops are rotated)
Part of Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps
HQ/Command Control Headquarter Rawalpindi, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Engagements Kargil War
2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff
Decorations Military Decorations of Pakistan Military
Lt Gen Muhammad Zahid Latif Mirza

The Pakistan Army Air Defence Command ,)Urdu: ﺁرمى أير ڈفينص کمانڈ; Army Air Defence Command, abbreviated as AADC) (not to be mixed with Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps which is an Administrative Corps), is an active military combatant corps of the Pakistan Army and a major combative formation tasked with air defences of strategic assets of Pakistan from foreign Aerial threats. Army Air Defence Command was formed and headquartered at the Chaklala Army Cantonment in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province of Pakistan. following military exercises where Pakistan's military learned of its weakness in providing air cover over a moving battlefield.[1] Air Defence Command consists of a total of five military divisions spread across two geographic districts; one tasked with air defence of the northern region of Pakistan headquartered in Lahore and the other with the southern region commanded from Quetta.

An Army Air Defence Regiment lowers the Regimental Flag during march past

List of commanders[edit]

  1. Maj Gen Agha Masood Hassan, October 1987 - October 1991
  2. Lt Gen Nazar Hussain, October 1991 – January 1993
  3. Lt Gen Amjad Shuaib, March 1996 – April 1998
  4. Lt Gen Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah, April 1998 – August 2000
  5. Lt Gen Khateer Hasan Khan, August 2000 – May 2005
  6. Lt Gen Tahir Mahmud Qazi, May 2005 – October 2006
  7. Lt Gen Muhammad Ashraf Saleem, October 2006 – April 2010
  8. Lt Gen Syed Muhammad Owais, April 2010 – April 2012
  9. Lt Gen Zamir Ul Hassan Shah, April 2012 – December 2013
  10. Lt Gen Muhammad Zahid Latif Mirza, December 2013 – present

Present day and order of battle[edit]

  • HQ ADC, Rawalpindi
    • 3rd Air Defence Division, Sargodha
      • 3rd Air Defence Brigade (largest Brigade of Pakistan army)
    • 4th Air Defence Division, Malir

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