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The Army Apprentices College was a college system in the United Kingdom that offered military training, education and common core skills, leadership and adventurous training, character development, trade training.[1]

Name changes[edit]

On February 28, 1924 a Boys' Technical School was opened by the War Office.[2] Five years later in 1929 it was renamed Army Technical School (Boys).[2] Several more such schools were opened in the 1930s; in 1947 they changed their names to being the Army Apprentices Schools.[2] The schools were finally renamed as the Army Apprentices Colleges in 1966[2] (though Arborfield's Army Apprentices College was known as Princess Marina College between 1981 and 1995).[3]

List of schools/colleges[edit]

The following locations are listed on the Army Apprentice National Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum[4] (dates are indicated where known):[5]

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