Army Attack

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Army Attack
Developer(s) Digital Chocolate
Platform(s) Facebook, Google Plus
Release May 2011
Genre(s) Strategy, Multiplayer
Mode(s) Single player

Army Attack was a social networking strategy video game developed by Digital Chocolate's Helsinki-based studio.[1][2] In Army Attack, the world has been attacked by the evil Crimson Empire, and the player's mission is to build military alliances for their army with other players to reclaim it.[3] In 2012, for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science's 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, Army Attack was nominated for "Social Networking Game of the Year."[4] According to App Data, in 2011, Army Attack was one of the top 5 Facebook Player vs. Player Games.[5]

Army Attack features two gaming modes: 1) Player vs. Non-Player (PvNP): 'Liberating City & Villages' and 2) Player vs. Player (PvP): 'Versus Mode'.

This game was officially closed down in late 2016.

PvNP: "Liberating City & Villages"[edit]

In the PvNP: "Liberating City & Villages" mode, the main objective for players is to reconquer lands captured by the evil Crimson Empire, and, in doing so, to build up their own military and resources by building structures.[6] The player must also launch attacks against non-player characters and accomplish other objectives to complete the single-player campaign.

PvP: "Versus Mode"[edit]

In PvP mode, called “Versus," Army Attack players battle each other to increase strategic and tactical skills.[7] On an Army Attack strategy map that is stylized for this type of play, players select their military units before hand; the player clicks a unit, then dispatches it on the map. If the player's unit is in range of another player's unit, then an attack may be ordered.

In "Versus" mode, a weekly tournament is held amongst players where they can compete for some exclusive in-game rewards.

Units Infantry Health 5: attack 1 APC Health 10: attack 2 Tank Health 10: attack 3


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