Army Brats

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Army Brats
Directed by Ruud van Hemert
Produced by Haig Balian
Chris Brouwer
Written by Thys Ockersen
Ruud van Hemert
Starring Peter Faber
Geert de Jong
Akkemay Elderenbos
Erik Koningsberger
Music by Ruud van Hemert
Cinematography Theo van de Sande
Edited by Ton de Graaff
Meteor Film Productions
Release date
  • 8 February 1984 (1984-02-08)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Army Brats (Dutch: Schatjes!) is a 1984 Dutch comedy film directed by Ruud van Hemert. The film is a dark family comedy, guerrilla warfare between disturbed parents (Peter Faber and Geert de Jong) and their disruptive children leads to chaos and mayhem.[1][2] The film drew 1.5 million visitors (some 10% of the Dutch population), making it one of the most successful Dutch films ever.[3] The film was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 57th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.[4]


  • Peter Faber as John Gisberts
  • Geert de Jong as Danny Gisberts
  • Akkemay Elderenbos as Madelon Gisberts
  • Frank Schaafsma as Thijs Gisberts
  • Pepijn Somer as Jan-Julius Gisberts
  • Olivier Somer as Valentijn Gisberts
  • Rijk de Gooijer as Pete Stewart
  • Erik Koningsberger as Dennis
  • Arie van Riet as John Wyatt

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