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Army Burn Hall College (ABHC) is a school and college, formerly operating along English public school lines in Abbottabad, Pakistan, with separate sections for boys and girls. The girls' section (originally called Junior Burn Hall) is on the Mall, a main road near the city centre while the boys' branch (originally called Senior Burn Hall) is near Mandian. The school was founded by missionary Fathers in 1948 and since 1977 has been run by the Pakistan Army Education Corps.[1][2]


The school was founded in Abbottabad in 1948 by the Mill Hill Fathers from Britain, who had earlier opened a similar school in Srinagar, Kashmir in the 1930s. The name of the school refers to 'Burn' (a Scottish term for brook/stream) and 'Hall' (as in old English/British style buildings) , therefore a hall with a stream running near it or through it. This was indeed the case as a small stream is present in the grounds.[citation needed]Coordinates: 34°11′21″N 73°13′59″E / 34.18917°N 73.23306°E / 34.18917; 73.23306 (Army Burn Hall College for Boys)

Since the British Empire was built by men who came from the English public school system, the Fathers replicated the system and promoted sports and extra-curricular activities such as music, debate, dramatics, and art as a means of character building.[3][4] Since the 1980s, however, the school has been increasingly run on military lines, churning out cadets for various branches of army service. [5]

The students of Burn Hall are known as 'Hallian'.[citation needed]

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