Army Cadet League of Canada

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Army Cadet League of Canada
Army cadet league Canada logo.gif
Army Cadet League of Canada logo
Abbreviation ACLC
Motto HODIE NOBIS CRAS VOBIS (Today, our cause; tomorrow, yours)
Formation 1 April 1971
Legal status Non-profit organization
Purpose To support the Royal Canadian Army Cadets
Headquarters Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Region served
Official language
English and French
William Fletcher, OMM, CD
Affiliations Department of National Defense
Royal Canadian Army Cadets
$23,000,000 CAD
Approx. 3000

The Army Cadet League of Canada(ACLC)(French:La Ligue des cadets de l'Armée du Canada) is the civilian non-profit organization which works with the Department of National Defense(DND) to support the Royal Canadian Army Cadet program.[1] It was founded in 1971 with a branch in every province and one for the northern region.[2] The ACLC consists of several levels from the national council to local sponsoring committees.


The Cadet Services of Canada (CS of C) was part of the Army reserve and a member of the Canadian Defense Association, which had a major influence on the cadet movement. With the integration of the armed forces in the 1970s and the already operating Air Cadet League and Sea Cadet League, it placed pressure on the army component to create a new league to represent the Army Cadet program and its sponsors. On 1 April 1971, the Army Cadet League of Canada was formed, as a replacement for the Cadet Services of Canada.[3]


It encouraged army cadets to become better Canadians through citizenship and leadership training. The national branch ensures with the help of the provincial and local branches the funding of transportation, accommodations and training not funded by DND, for 450 Canadian army cadet corps.[4]


The purpose of the ACLC is work with DND to reach the goals of the cadet movement, with a primary focus on the army cadet portion.[2]
The ACLC's objectives are listed as such;[5]

  1. Protect the overall interests of the Army Cadet League of Canada.
  2. Encourage and promote national interest in and support for Royal Canadian Army Cadets.
  3. Provide and supervise local sponsors.
  4. Co-ordinate and influence effective support for army cadet corps at all levels.
  5. Facilitate and recommend the formation of army cadet corps.
  6. Assist in the recruitment of cadet instructors and cadets.
  7. Encourage the development of an army cadet program which is adventure-oriented, challenging, consistent with the aims and objectives of the army cadets, and relevant to present society.
  8. Collect, receive, hold and invest funds and property received from contributions, gifts, grants, subscriptions or legacies, and, subject to the donor's direction, use such funds for the benefit of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.


Name Years served [6]
The Hon. Earl Rowe 1971–1977
Sen G. Molgat 1977–1979
LCol H.T. Tye, CD (ret'd) 1979–1981
P. Casgrain 1981–1983
Leslie W. Basham 1983–1985
Col (ret'd) W.I. Somerville, CD 1985–1988
I. Clifton 1988–1990
J.G. Wasteneys 1990–1993
Dennis Fleck 1992–1994
LCol (ret'd) Aubrey J. Halfyard CD 1994–1996
Leslie K. Dean 1996–1998
Debbie Craig 1998–2000
Col (ret'd) Doug Ludlow CD 2000–2001
Gilles Déry 2001–2009
H.B. (Gene) Lake 2009-2010
BGen (ret'd) D.W. Foster 2010-2015
William (Bill) Fletcher 2015 - present


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