Army Commissar 2nd rank

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Army Commissar 2nd rank was a political rank in the Soviet Red Army, equivalent to the military rank of Komandarm 2nd rank.



Appointment to Army Comissar 2nd rank as to the disposal of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union and the Council of People's Commissars (CPC) from November 20, 1935:

  • Mikhail Amelin (1896-1937), arrested June 1937 and later executed
  • Lazar Aronshtam (1896-1938), arrested May 1937 and later executed
  • Anton Bulin (1894-1938) arrested December 1937 and later executed
  • Hayk Ovsepyan (1891 - 1937) executed
  • Pyotr Smirnov (1897-1939) promoted to Army Commissar of 1st rank December 20, 1937, arrested June 1938