Army Group D

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Army Group D
Heeresgruppe D
Active 26 October 1940 –
Country  Nazi Germany
Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe.svg

Army Group D (Heeresgruppe D) was a German Army Group which saw action during World War II.

Army Group D was formed on 26 October 1940 in France, its initial cadre coming from the disbanded Army Group C.

On 15 April 1941, the status of Army Group D was upgraded. From that date on, the commander of Army Group D was also to be considered Oberbefehlshaber West (or OB WEST – the Commander in Chief for the Western Theatre). As a result of this, Army Group D is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Army Group West.


Orders of battle[edit]

May 1941

May 1944

December 1944


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