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Army Men
Developers The 3DO Company (1998–2003)
Global Star Software (2003–2007)
Twistbox Games (2008) (Mobile Ops)
Néotl Empire (2013)
(Army Men III)
Publishers The 3DO Company (1998–2003)
Global Star Software (2003–2007)
Connect2Media (2008) (Mobile Ops)
Néotl Empire (2013)
(Army Men III)
Composers Jason Tai (Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2)
Barry Blum (Army Men 2, Sarge's Heroes, Toys in Space, Army Men 3D)
Brian Min (Army Men: Air Tactics)
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Game Boy Color
Nintendo 64
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Platform of origin Microsoft Windows
Year of inception 1998
First release Army Men
Latest release Army Men III
Spin-offs Portal Runner

Army Men is a series of video games developed by 3DO[1] and Global Star Software. It is based on various conflicts between four kinds of plastic army men, distinguished by their color: the Green, the Tan, the Blue, and the Grey. Two other factions, the Red and the Orange, as well as a much smaller army, the Black, also contribute to the story. Two additional factions, the Galactic Army and the Alien Army, were introduced in Army Men: Toys in Space.

Army Men for Windows 95


Title Release date Platforms Genre Information
Army Men 1998 Windows, Game Boy Color Real-time tactics The first game of the series. Released for PC in 1998, then later ported to Game Boy Color in 2000. The game allows the player to carry out challenging missions, such as breaking friendly captured forces out of POW camps and laying siege to enemy bases and towns. The game features weapons such as flamethrowers, cannons, machine guns, grenades, and bazookas and allows the player to drive vehicles such as tanks and jeeps. The game features 28 missions in three different terrains. The player can call for air strikes, paratroop drops, and air reconnaissance. The game includes multiplayer support for up to four players using an Internet, LAN, Modem, or Serial connection.
Army Men II 1999 Windows, Game Boy Color Real-time tactics The direct-sequel to the first game, featuring enemies such as suicide bombers, zombies, and cult members. There is also a wide range of battlefields, such as a kitchen in a representation of our world, where the soldiers are depicted according to realistic dimensions relative to their environment, referred to as the "Big World", or a tank factory in the "Plastic World", the world from which the soldiers originate, with everything being scaled to their size.
Army Men: Toys in Space 1999 Windows Real-time tactics The third installment that takes a science fiction direction, and introduces two new armies: the Space Troops and the Aliens, and reorganized control of squads and brought in new weapons and units such as Alien Laser Troopers, Tina's Freeze Ray and her Mini-gun Troopers as well as a small selection of new vehicles.
Army Men: Air Attack 1999 PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Windows, Game Boy Color Third-person shooter The first installment in the Air Attack series in which the player player can fly a number of different helicopters.

Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color versions are re-titled Army Men: Air Combat.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 1999 Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast Third-person shooter The first installment in the Sarge's Heroes series. Sergeant Hawk must reassemble his squad of captured soldiers to defeat General Plastro and his new "Super Weapons" that were taken from the "Big World" dimension through portals that connect to the "Plastic World".
Army Men: Air Tactics 1999 Windows Real-time tactics The second installment in the Air Attack series, featuring abilities such as lifting heavy objects and transporting them to other locations, landing on the ground to load/unload soldiers and airborne combat.
Army Men 3D 1999 PlayStation Third-person shooter The 3-dimensional remake of the original Army Men game. The main character's goal is to collect the tinker toy keys which lead him to a Portal to the Big World.
Army Men: World War 2000 Windows, PlayStation[2] Real-time tactics (WIN)
Third-person shooter (PS)
The first installment of the World War series. This game focuses solely on combat in the "Plastic World", with most of the missions being based on World War II. The Windows version is top-down tactical-shooter similar to earlier games in the series. it starts with a D-Day style landing after which there are a number of missions that all have themes from World War II lore, such as "A Bridge Too Far". This is the only game in the series where vehicles can not be controlled by enemy forces also only PC game in the series without an appearance by Sarge. This game also has an in-depth system for organizing large numbers of soldiers under the player's command. The PlayStation version is a third-person shooter with tactical elements, uses similar gameplay and graphics to Army Men 3D.

In the PAL regions PlayStation version re-titled Army Men: Operation Meltdown.

Army Men: World War - Land, Sea, Air 2000 PlayStation Third-person shooter The second installment in the World War series. The game is made up of five operations with three missions in each one.

In the PAL regions re-titled Army Men: Land, Sea, Air.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 2000 PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64 Third-person shooter The second installment in the Sarge's Heroes series. Sergeant Hawk and his Bravo Company return to stop General Plastro and his tan army once again. this time introduces several new characters, and the concept of "Plastrification". Plastrification, according to Dr. Madd, is a condition that occurs when a soldier from the "Plastic World" spends too much time in the "Big World" causing the hardening of the limbs and the forming of a plastic base.
Army Men: Operation Green 2001 Game Boy Advance Isometric shooter The player a generic Green soldier in a 3-D isometric world. This title is set almost exclusively in the Plastic World, and several vehicles are available to drive.
Army Men: World War - Final Front 2001 PlayStation Third-person shooter The third installment in the World War series. It features four fronts with three missions in each one. The Tan Army once again launches an unprovoked attack upon the Green Army, so the Green retaliate by attacking the Tan capital. When they discover that the Tan have created weapons of mass destruction, they declare a full-scale war against the Tan and deploy their forces worldwide to destroy the revived Tan Army and its new weapons. This game introduces submarine warfare to the World War titles.

In the PAL regions re-titled Army Men: Lock 'N' Load.

Army Men: Green Rogue 2001 PlayStation, PlayStation 2 Shoot 'em up Set during the time of "Sarge's Heroes", the Green Army creates a super soldier composed of DNA spliced from all the members of Bravo Company. Plastro tries to capture the super soldier, but the crash-landing of the helicopter transporting it inadvertently awakens Omega Soldier, causing a one-man rampage against Tan forces.

In the PAL regions re-titled Army Men: Omega Soldier.

Army Men: Advance 2001 Game Boy Advance Top-down shooter The player can choose between Sarge, or Vikki, and receives several objectives by radio, such as recruiting fellow squad members, escaping from prison, or breaking into enemy installations.
Army Men: Air Attack 2 2001 PlayStation, PlayStation 2 Third-person shooter The third installment in the Air Attack series. The game takes place after the previous game in the Air Attack series. Captain Blade returns to the cockpit to aid aerial support for Sergeant Hawk and his squad.

In the PAL regions PlayStation 2 version re-titled Army Men: Air Attack - Blade's Revenge.

Portal Runner 2001 PlayStation 2, Game Boy Color Platform Spin-off of Sarge's Heroes series. focused on Vikki Grimm and Bridgette Bleu. Bleu traps Vikki Grimm in another dimension through the use of a portal. Vikki and a lion named Leo must find the right portal to take them back to the "Plastic World".
Army Men: World War - Team Assault 2001 PlayStation Third-person shooter The fourth and last installment in the World War series.

In the PAL regions re-titled Army Men: Team Assault.

Army Men: RTS 2002 Windows, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube Real-time strategy This Army Men installment is a 3D Real Time Strategy game, featuring base building, and a fully 3D camera.
Army Men: Turf Wars 2002 Game Boy Advance Isometric shooter The Tan Army has struck once again and has taken over a Green Army base. Colonel Grimm has formed a two-man team: Sergeant Hawk and a blue spy to fight the Tan Army.
Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions 2003 Nintendo GameCube Third-person shooter The fourth and last installment in the Air Attack series. an expansion to the original game with upgraded features, graphics, and new levels.
Army Men: Sarge's War 2004 Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube Third-person shooter The third and last Installment in the Sarge's Heroes series. Lord Malice has formed a secret militia of Tans, who have attacked the Green and Tan nations at the Green-Tan peace ceremony by detonating a massive bomb smuggled within a commemorative statue. Everyone, including Colonel Grimm, Vikki, and General Plastro, have been killed. However, Sergeant Hawk and Malice's militia have survived. Sarge then seeks revenge on Lord Malice.
Army Men: Major Malfunction 2006 PlayStation 2, Xbox Third-person shooter A loose follow-up to the original series. The main character is a generic green soldier named Private Anderson whose main objective is to stop a villain called "Major Malfunction" from taking over his toy army base.
Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune 2008 PlayStation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS Platform not officially part of the series. The player assumes the role of a young boy named Timmy, who imagines himself as a toy soldier and uses weapons such as a miniature dart to avoid toy obstacles.
Army Men: Mobile Ops 2010 Mobile Isometric shooter The last official installment in the series. brings back the original story: the war between the Green and the Tan army.
Army Men III 2013 Windows, Mac Third-person shooter

End of 3DO[edit]

Army Men: RTS was the last Army Men game to be released by the 3DO Company before they filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. The major franchises were auctioned off, and Army Men was purchased by Global Star Software (now known as 2K Play).

In 2004, Global Star published Sarge's War. The PS2 and Xbox versions were completed by some members of the original Sarge's War development team from 3DO. Global Star then released Army Men: Major Malfunction for the Xbox (as well as for the PlayStation 2 in limited regions[vague]), and planned a Nintendo DS version, which was not released. Army Men: Mobile Ops is currently the latest game in the series. Future installments are possible, but unlikely, due to the poor critical and commercial performance of Major Malfunction and Soldiers of Misfortune.[3][4]


While originally well-received, the sequential titles seemed to decline in quality due to amount of installments getting developed and released just months from each-other in a rushed state. The Army Men series during its later years was mostly infamous by several parts of the video game media, including X-Play[5] and Seanbaby of EGM,[6] for the frequency and declining quality of each new title. The Official UK PlayStation Magazine awarded six games in the series a score of 3/10 or less.[7]


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