Army Men II

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Army Men II
Army Men II Coverart.png
Developer(s) The 3DO Company
Publisher(s) The 3DO Company
Director(s) Jim Tso
Designer(s) Justin Bates
Series Army Men
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color
Release Windows
  • NA: February 28, 1999
Game Boy Color
  • NA: October 2000[1]
  • EU: November 24, 2000

Army Men II is the second game in the Army Men video game franchise from The 3DO Company and a direct sequel to 1998's Army Men. It was released in 1999 The game differs from the first installment in that it has battles in both the "real world" and the "plastic world." It was also the first to introduce the concept of portals between our world and their world, a topic that was expanded upon in later games.



In Army Men I The Tan commander Plastero, invades the green lands. At the end, Sarge races the tan forces to a portal and enters, finding himself in a Kitchen. The game begins with a massive tan force including Plastero himself chasing him through the portal. Major Mylar betrays Plastero, destroys the portal as he enters it and takes control of the tan army and territories.


The game continues from the kitchen with Sarge and a small squad fighting their way across the kitchen counter, finding a portal back to the plastic Jungle (Level 1). Securing a radio installation, Sarge contacts HQ for instructions (Level 2), using which he wins a tank fight(Level 3), save a blue spy from the tan forces and escapes through an airfield(Level 4).

In search for a missing colonel in plastic tropical islands, Sarge finds soldiers from all four armies banded together in what is called "the Cult". Colonel, gone mad, is found to be the leader of this cult (Level 5). He escapes through a portal and is followed by Sarge into a front yard where he is taken out by Sarge himself (Level 6).

Sarge's plane is shot down into a plastic tropical island full of zombies created by Dr. Madd, an insane Grey scientist working for the Tan Army, who creates Cult forces by injecting different color liquids to soldiers. Sarge destroys the zombie mold factory generators (Level 7) and chases Dr. Madd to a desert where he must take out other scientists (Level 8). He then goes through another portal to a hobby table in a garage to stop several scientists from escaping back into the plastic world (Level 9). Through a portal he emerges at a forested, middle-of-nowhere tan base to fight the last enemy scientists protected by zombies, suicide bombers, etc. (Level 10)

Sarge finally attacks the tan fortress, evades a massive wave of angry soldiers, rescues the blue spy, finds a key leading to a weapon of mass destruction located in the center of the fortress. bombs and destroys it before the tans use it, and goes out through a portal (Level 11) to Mylar's HQ in a child's bedroom, crawling with tan soldiers. He takes out Major Mylar on a fortress-like playset (Level 12).


In the closing movie, the greens swoop in, taking out the remaining tans and enjoying a major victory for the Green Army. On top of a nightstand or dresser, General Plastro can be seen spying on them. Under his breath, he "thanks" the greens for getting rid of Mylar, and "encourages" them to enjoy their victory for now. Laughing maniacally, he says that he something special planned for next time.

An ominous scene involving Dr. Madd working on the remains of Mylar in his lab concludes the ending movie.


Review scores
Publication Score
AllGame 3/5 stars[2] 4/5 stars[3]
CGW N/A 2.5/5 stars[4]
CVG N/A 1/10[5]
GamePro N/A 2.5/5 stars[6]
GameSpot N/A 6.9/10[7]
IGN 7/10[1] 4.4/10[8]
PC Gamer (UK) N/A 44%[9]
PC Gamer (US) N/A 68%[10]
PC Zone N/A 40%[11]
Aggregate score
GameRankings N/A 56.43%[12]

The PC version was met with very mixed reception, as GameRankings gave it a score of 56%.[12] However, the Game Boy Color version was met with slightly more positive reception than the PC version.[2][1]


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