Army of Darkness: Defense

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Army of Darkness: Defense
Army of Darkness Defense logo.png
Developer(s) Backflip Studios
Platform(s) Android, iOS
  • NA: May 12, 2011 (2011-05-12)
The tower defense game requires players to defend an area from oncoming waves of attacking enemies.

Army of Darkness: Defense is a tower defense video game developed by Backflip Studios on May 12, 2011, for the iOS and Android platforms.[1] The game is based on the cult film Army of Darkness.[2]


The game follows the protagonist from the film, Ash Williams.[1] The player fights off waves of the enemy using an army to protect the necronomicon.

In-game Components[3][edit]

Throughout the game players will unlock and have the ability to summon characters for their army, use power-ups that are personal to Ash, and upgrade the aspects of Ash, Ash's army, and the castle. All in-game currency is used to purchase upgrades.

Playable Characters[edit]

The player can increase Ash's health and melee damage. While the power-ups: super boomstick, the wrong book, arrow volley, magic words, catapult volley and deathcoaster provide services such direct damage, summoning random health amounts to Ash or his army, summoning random soldiers, creating mass damage, and pushing back hordes.

Non-Playable Characters[edit]

In the game the player can command members of Ash's army that will battle opposing troops, such as peasants, swordsmen, spearmen, armored guards*(the only non-special character that has high health), archers, horsemen, torch and sword boys. All these characters have low to medium health and damage. They take low to medium amount of material to spawn. These characters abilities are for close combat, ranged combat, and equipping the army with weapons. The special characters such as Arthur, Henry, and Wiseman are all considered characters that can only be spawned one at a time each. For example, the player would not be able to spawn two Arthurs at the same time but can have Arthur, Henry and the Wiseman summoned at the same time. These characters will either have a special ability like the Wiseman that heals, or high health and high damage with an extra advantage like Arthur that has two archers accompany his character. These characters take a high amount of certain material to spawn.

The Castle[edit]

The player can add defenses to the castle that holds the neucronomicion(a special book) they are defending. The player can upgrade the health of the necronomicon itself and add wall archers, wall catapults, and a pit in front of the castle's steps that the player can knock enemies into. The castle smith's rate of production in making material can be increased faster for the player.


The iOS version of the game garnered a 74 percent on the review aggregation website Metacritic, denoting "mixed or average reviews".[4]


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