Army of in Between

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Army Of In Between
Origin Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Genres Industrial Metal
Industrial Black Metal
Horror film score
Years active 2000–present
Labels DF Studios
ZeroPoint Music
Members Pitt Ripply
DarCruptis Fiend
Halbgott Steigen
Past members Adrian LaVey
Dollie DeVaki
Dorjan Akamu
Ed Harvey
Martinus Satanus Rob
Grimlord Necrotis
HaZe St. Khrist
Gabriel KraVen
Dawne Surreal

Army Of In Between (AOIB) is a theatrical horror art band that perform an avant-garde fusion of industrial, metal, and horror film score. AOIB was founded at Carroll, Iowa in 1997 by Pitt Ripply, relocating to Omaha, Nebraska in 2003.[1] The band is currently recorded independently by Infinite Productions and DF Studios and released under ZeroPoint Music in the United States. The band's current members are Pitt (vocals/synth), DarC (guitars), and Halbgott (drums/synth/guitars). The band's current album project is entitled 'Polytheistic Revolution'.


The Birth[edit]

Early days[edit]

Army Of In Between was founded as "Pitt-X". The project began as a solo project in 1997 when Pitt Ripply began to record digital computer tracks with a 26-key Casio keyboard. The demo music involved had minimal vocals but influenced later redone versions with new lyrics. In 2000, Pitt Ripply retitled the project, Army Of In Between, after one of his newly written song titles at that time.

March Ov The Gods[edit]

In 2001, Pitt Ripply formed a live band to perform the music that he had created. AOIB's first band members were Adrian LaVey (guitar), Dollie DeVaki (synth), Dorjan Akamu (bass), FistFuck (guitars), Ben Bluml (drums), and Pitt Ripply (vocals). The first lineup played four successful local shows, then broke apart immediately following the fourth performance due to band member disagreements. During this time period was when the March Ov The Gods demo and the first half of the X-Hymns live album were recorded.


In 2002, a 2nd live lineup was formed to go on a mini-summer tour across the state of Iowa. AOIB's second band members were DarCruptis Fiend (guitars), Ed Harvey (drums), Martinus Satanus (guitars), Pedro (bass), and Pitt Ripply (vocals/synth). During this time period was when the second half of the X-Hymns live album was recorded. In 2003, Pitt Ripply relocated AOIB to Omaha, Nebraska but only DarC made the relocation by 2005.

Beautiful Darkness[edit]

Between 2003-2006, the debut album, Beautiful Darkness, was being recorded. During the BD sessions, band members from associated local acts contributed to the recordings. This included Ashgaroth, Grimlord Necrotis, and Count Verdilak of Gravestorm, and Lilith Frost of Obsidian Empire.

The Death[edit]

Might As Well Praise Dirt[edit]

During 2007, Pitt Ripply, DarC, Gabriel KraVen, and Dawne Surreal rehearsed new songs and track auditions for a future album that was never completed. In 2008, HaZe, Surreal, and KraVen departed from the lineup after only instrumental tracks were recorded. Vocals on this session are yet to be completed. The MAWPD sessions are planned to be finished and rereleased as an EP titled Once Upon A Bloody Moon in 2011.

The Rebirth[edit]

Polytheistic Revolution[edit]

AOIB's latest album is about the return of the gods from deep space. Covering the fear of the extraterrestrial. It is said to be a futuristic concept album, a new telling of the apocalypse and the new age of life that extends afterwards. The 'Defrag the Earth' EP was released in October 2009. The Polytheistic Revolution LP is due to be released in October 2010. 'Defrag The Tour' will occur during summer 2010.

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Pitt Ripply - Studio Vocals, Lyrics, Synth, Samples, Concepts, Live Vocals, 1997–Present
  • DarC - Studio Guitar, Synth, Live Guitar, 2002–Present
  • Halbgott - Studio Lead Guitar, Synth, Samples, Drum Programming, Live Lead Guitar, 2008–Present

Former members[edit]

  • Adrian LaVey - Studio/Live Guitar, 2001, March Ov The Gods
  • FistFuck - Studio/Live Lead Guitar, 2001, March Ov The Gods
  • Dollie DeVaki - Live Keyboards, 2001, March Ov The Gods
  • Dorjan Akamu - Live Bass Guitars, 2001, March Ov The Gods
  • Ed Harvey - Live Drums, 2002, X-Hymns
  • Martinus Satanus Rob - Live Guitars, 2002, X-Hymns
  • Pedro - Live Bass Guitars, 2002, X-Hymns
  • Grimlord Necrotis - Studio Guitars, 2005, Beautiful Darkness
  • Count Verdilak - Studio Vocals, 2005, Beautiful Darkness
  • Lilith Frost - Studio Female Vocals, 2006, Beautiful Darkness
  • HaZe St. Khrist - Studio Keyboards, 2007, Might As Well Praise Dirt
  • Gabriel KraVen - Studio Guitars, 2007, Might As Well Praise Dirt
  • Dawne Surreal - Rehearsal Keyboards, 2007, Might As Well Praise Dirt



  1. ^ ZeroPoint Music is an indie label founded in Omaha, Nebraska 2002 by Infinite Productions.

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