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Arnab Basu is a product manager, game designer and a videogames producer. He has contributed to the Tomb Raider series for Crystal Dynamics[1] on Tomb Raider: Anniversary[2] and Tomb Raider: Underworld.[3] And later, at Eidos Interactive for Batman: Arkham Asylum.[4]

Arnab is a secretary on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Play,[5] a not-for-profit which promotes game design as a non-traditional education tool. His focus has been enhancing primary education for kids around the world by harnessing new media and game design techniques to build flexible, on-demand learning ecologies. He has given talks on game design at the Game Design Expo, Vancouver Film School, Vancouver' 2008[6] and the Game Developers Conference, Lyon, 2007[7]

Basu graduated with an MET degree from the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon in 2006.[8] He holds a BE in Computer Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University[9]


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