Arnaud Assoumani

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Arnaud Assoumani
Arnaud Assoumani (2005)
Personal information
Nationality FranceFrance
Born (1985-09-04) September 4, 1985 (age 31)
Orsay (essonne)
Sport Athletics
Event(s) long jump, triple jump, 100 m
Club Stade Français

Arnaud Assoumani (born September 4, 1985) is a T46 French athlete.

He represented France in the F46 long jump at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, and won gold by setting a new world record with a jump of 7.23 metres. He had previously won bronze at the 2004 Games.[1]

As of 2008, Assoumani is a student at the prestigious Institut d'études politiques de Paris. He is a left forearm amputee.[1]

Arnaud Assoumani is a French athlete from comorian origins, born without a left arm front part the 4th September 1985 at Orsay, near Paris. He grew up at Rochefort-sur-Loire (Maine-et-Loire).

He represents France in the long jump, F46 category, at the 2008 Paralympics Summer Games, and he gets a gold with a new world recorde: 7,23 mètres1. He already had got a bronze at the 2004 Paralympics Summer games2. He did better than his own world record at the 2010 Bercy French Elite room championship (valids) with a 7,82 ms jump. He tries to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Summer games with valid athletes, but he has to give it up, following an accident that hurts his Achille’s tendon 3. He gets a silver medal at triple jump at the 2012 Paralympics Summer games, with a 14,28 meters jump. Arnaud Assoumani studied at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris and he got a BTS in film cutting andpost production in 2006 at EICAR. He was selectionated to participate at the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympic games 4 Palmarès France room athletism championship (valids)

Long jump • Bronze medal long jump at Paris Bercy Palmarès at Paralympics Games Long jump • Bronze medal at Athen 2004 • Paralympic champion andworld record 2008 (7,23 m) • Paralympic Vice-Champion long jump and triple jump, London, 2012, (7,13 m) Triple jump • Paralympic Vice-Champion triple jump, London, 2012 (14,28 m) Palmarès World Championship (handisport) Long jump • World Champion long jump at Assen, 2006 • World Champion du Monde long jump at Christchurch, 2011 • Bronze medal long jump, Lyon, 2013 100m • Bronze medal, Christchurch, 2011 Palmarès Europe championship (handisport) Saut en longueur • Europe Vice-Champion long jump, Assen, 2003 • Europe Vice-Champion long jump, Espoo, 2005 Saut en hauteur • Europe Champion high jump, Assen, 2003 Relay 4*100m • Europe relay champion 4*100m, Assen, 2003 Projects Golden Arm Arnaud Assoumani built a Golden Arm project, a concours to « graphically customise » prothesis worn during competitions. 2012 5. Advertising Arnaud Assoumani participates in Samsung advertising campaigns linked to Olympic Games6. Distinctions • Honnor Legion7


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