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Arnaud Blin (born May 23, 1960) is a French historian and political scientist. He has focused mainly on international relations and the history of war and peace, including the history of terrorism. Although educated in the United States (Georgetown, Fletcher School (Tufts), Harvard), he has published almost exclusively in French. His History of Terrorism (with G. Chaliand) was originally published in France and translated into English by the University of California Press. It is also available in other languages.

Arnaud Blin blends historical analysis with current events and includes analysis of the Peace of Westphalia and the Westphalian system. He has written on the battle of Jena (1806) and philosophical ideas such as the Hegelian idea of the End of history, or the Kantian theory of perpetual peace as applied to US Foreign policy through the doctrine of democratic peace. His biography of Tamerlane is a study in state terror.

He has worked for several research institutions, including the Institut Diplomacie et Défense, the French Institute for Strategic Analysis and the Ecole de la paix de Grenoble. Since 2008, he has been coordinator, with Gustavo Marín, of the Forum for a new World Governance. Aside from the United States and France, he has lived in Togo, Germany and Zaïre (DR Congo).

Partial Publication list[edit]

In French[edit]

  • Comment Roosevelt fit entrer les Etats-Unis dans la guerre, André Versaille, février 2011 (ISBN 978-2-87495-129-9)
  • Tamerlan, Perrin, April 2007 (ISBN 9782262022341)
  • 11 septembre, la terreur démasquée, Cavalier Bleu, août 2006 (ISBN 2846701482)
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  • Le désarroi de la puissance, Les Etats-Unis vers la guerre permanente ?, Lignes De Repères, October 2004 (ISBN 291575201X)
  • 1648, La paix en Westphalie, ou la naissance de l'Europe politique moderne, Complexe, coll. « Questions à L'histoire », 2006, 240 p. (ISBN 2804800881)

In English[edit]

  • The History of Terrorism: From Antiquity to Al Qaeda, University of California Press, 2007