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Gender Male
Meaning Eagle[citation needed]

Arne is a common forename for males in Scandinavia. It also occurs as a surname in England.

The name Arne originates from the old Norse word for "eagle" – arni.

The word arne also refers to the central stone on the floor of traditional Norwegian homes upon which the fire that provides the heating/cooking needs was lit. Similarly, the word "Arne", is used in Danish for the flame in a fireplace or old-fashioned oven or stove.

Arne as a forename[edit]

Arne can be given alone or combined with other forenames, written either with a hyphen (as in Tor-Arne, Leif-Arne, John-Arne, Nils-Arne) or without the hyphen (as in Tor Arne, Leif Arne, John Arne).

Notable people with forename Arne include:

In fiction:

Arne as a surname[edit]

Notable people with surname Arne include:

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