Arne Isacsson

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Arne Isacsson (21 March 1917 – 25 September 2010) was one of Sweden's most famous watercolour artists.[1][2] Studied for Otte Sköld 1944–46.

Isacsson was born in Ronneby, Sweden. He was the founder of the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in Gerlesborg, Stockholm and Provence. Professor of watercolour art. Recipient of the Illis Quorum medal 1999. Honorary doctor at the University of Umeå 2004. Author of several books on watercolour techniques.

Married to the painter Margareta Blomberg.

Represented at:

  • The National museum of art, Stockholm, Sweden
  • The Gothenburg museum of Art
  • The National Public Art Council (Sweden)
  • The Nordic Watercolour Museum