Arne Zetterström

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Arne Zetterström in diving dress on board HSwMS Belos, shortly before his fatal diving accident on 7 August 1945

Arne Zetterström (1917 – 7 August 1945) is best known for his research with the breathing mixture hydrox for the Swedish Navy.[1]

Zetterström first described the use of hydrogen as a breathing gas in 1943. From 1943 to 1944, a total of six ocean dives were made utilising this mixture with the deepest to 160 metres (96% hydrogen and 4% oxygen).[1]

On 7 August 1945 Zetterström experienced technical problems diving from HSwMS Belos. His support divers misread his signals and this was followed by a rapid ascent that resulted in fatal decompression sickness and hypoxia.[1]


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