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Current ArnoCorps Lineup 2012-2013.jpg
Background information
Origin San Francisco Bay Area
Genres Action-Adventure Hardcore Rock and Roll
Years active 2000–present
Labels Alternative Tentacles
Anticulture Records
Vulcan Sky Records
Exactly Records
Members Holzfeuer
Erich Nagelbett
Vielmehr Klampfe
Inzo Der Barrakuda
Karl Dichtschnur
Baron Von Trotz

ArnoCorps is a rock music group based in San Francisco, CA.

The band combines a militaristic appearance with a musical style rooted in skate punk and heavy metal. Describing their music as Action Adventure Hardcore Rock and Roll, the focus of the band is on energetic live performances which feature interaction with the audience. Attendees and fans are referred to by the band as "Goddamn Heroes and Sheroes."

ArnoCorps is the world's first band to feature lyrics based exclusively on the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with particular emphasis on his action roles from the 1980s such as The Terminator, Predator and Total Recall, with many of the lyrics paralleling movie dialogue and plots, similar to The Misfits' lyrical focus on horror films and B-movies.[1]

As a further part of their concept, ArnoCorps claim to be inspired by ancient folklore and mythology originating from the alps of their "native" Austria, suggesting that there are actually sociological and philosophical topics being addressed in their lyrics.[2] ArnoCorps went further to charge several Hollywood movie studios with "stealing" the lore and mythology of Austria for plot material and dialogue in the films they have parodied. In 2004 the band attempted to launch a class-action lawsuit against the studios on behalf of the Austrian people, although the case failed to go to court.[3]

The band's stage show sees all six members dressed in combat fatigues and camouflage paint (most likely inspired by Predator and Commando) and address the audience in "ballsy" accents. Each band member uses a pseudonym and have heroic backstories. ArnoCorps often performs with two bass players in their line-up (an arrangement they refer to as "heroic symmetry").

After releasing two self-produced EPs in 2000 and 2001, the band built a fan following in the San Francisco Bay Area. The band's full length concept album was announced for release in 2005, titled The Greatest Band Of All Time, and produced by Jamie Hill. British metal label Anticulture Records released the album in the UK and Europe in February 2006. After receiving critical praise in British magazines such as Metal Hammer and Total Guitar along with mainstream radio airplay on BBC Radio 1, ArnoCorps headlined tours of the UK and Ireland in the summers of 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014. The first tour earned the band a 10 out of 10 rating from the BBC for a performance in Manchester, England,[4] an appearance on commercial radio station Kerrang! 105.2 and a rave review of their London show in the October 2006 issue of Bizarre. In 2008, ArnoCorps was voted "Best San Francisco (local) Rock Band" by the readers of SF Weekly.[5]

The band started a Kickstarter program to fund their latest project, The Fantastic EP, which covers the Conan films among other new tracks.


Current Line-up[edit]

  • Holzfeuer - Vocals
  • Erich Nagelbett - Guitar
  • Vielmehr Klampfe - Guitar
  • Inzo Der Barrakuda - Lead Bass
  • Karl Dichtschnur - Low Bass
  • Baron Von Trotz - Drums

Past Members[edit]

  • Der Wölf
  • Schlagbolzen
  • Halstucha
  • Toten Adler
  • Gellend Adler


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