Arnold Andenmatten

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Arnold Andenmatten
Born (1922-08-22) August 22, 1922 (age 93)
World Cup career
Individual wins Olympic Gold Medalist 1948

Arnold Andenmatten (born August 22, 1922)[1] is a Swiss skier and skiing instructor.


Born in Saas-Fee, Andenmatten was the winner of the first classical glacier downhill skiing from the Allalinhorn down to Saas-Fee in 1946 (time: 8:07 min.). As a soldier he participated in the demonstration event, military patrol. He had the military rank of a Kanonier at this time.[2] His Swiss team (R. Zurbriggen, H. Zurbriggen, Vouardoux, Andenmatten) finished first in the military patrol event.[3] In 1947 he, Robert Zurbriggen, Karl Hischier and Karl Bricker also won the revenge race in Oslo.[4] As of 2008 he still participates in ski races, for example as the eldest competitor of the Saas-Balen valley race on February 17, 2008.[5]


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