Arnold Henry Savage Landor

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Arnold Henry Savage Landor with kittens Kerman and Zeris, whom he travelled with in Across Coveted Lands.

Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1865 – 26 December 1924) was an English painter, explorer, writer, and anthropologist. Landor wrote in a dry, witty style.

His father was Charles Savage Landor. The writer Walter Savage Landor was his grandfather.


  • Alone with the Hairy Ainu (1893).
  • Corea or Cho-sen (1895).
  • In the Forbidden Land (1898).
  • China and the Allies (1901).
  • Across Coveted Lands (1902). VOL I. VOL II. [1]
  • The Gems of the East (1904).
  • Tibet and Nepal (1905).
  • The Living Races of Mankind (1905).
  • Across Widest Africa (1907).
  • An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet (1910).
  • Across Unknown South America (1913).
  • Everywhere, the Memoirs of an Explorer (1924).

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