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This article is about the School in Leamington Spa. For the NHS hospital, see Arnold Lodge.
Arnold Lodge School
Motto Respice Finem
'Look to the end'
Established 1864
Type Independent day school
Head of School David Preston
Directors Gareth Newman, Wynford Dore
Location Leamington Spa
CV32 5TW
Students 200 (summer 2016)
Gender Coeducational
Ages 4–18
Houses Stuart, Saxon, Tudor, Windsor
Colours Maroon and Navy

Arnold Lodge School is a co-educational independent school in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, founded in 1864. The school has around 200 day pupils, ranging from Reception aged four, to Sixth Form pupils aged eighteen.

The school is based in central Royal Leamington Spa, housed in a mixture of Victorian and modern buildings. Originally a dame school kept by Mrs Worthington at 2 Lillington Place, Leamington Spa, the school was in 1864 taken over by a former Assistant Master at Leamington College, Mr Alfred Kirk. An admirer of Dr Thomas Arnold of Rugby School, he named the school Arnold Lodge School. Originally the oldest prep school in Warwickshire, it extended its admission age to the GCSE years in 2008 and launched Sixth Form in September 2013. The school celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016.

The school operates a house system, with houses called Stuart, Saxon, Tudor, and Windsor. The houses compete in sport and the arts as well as in rewards for academic effort and achievement.

School Ethos[edit]

  1. Every child in school should feel happy, safe and confident.
  2. Every child should know their strengths (whatever they may be) and be valued for those strengths.
  3. Every child should make the most academic and pastoral progress they can in a supportive and positive environment.

The central ethos of Arnold Lodge focuses on the welfare and happiness of pupils. Arnold Lodge believes that pupils will make greater progress in all areas of the curriculum if they feel safe in school, are happy and are confident in their own abilities.

Enrollment to Arnold Lodge[edit]

Arnold Lodge has key entry points into Reception, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 12. While admission to Arnold Lodge will usually be for one of these year groups, admission into other year groups is also possible during the academic year.

Arnold Lodge has an assessment process for admission to the school from Year 3 and up with a series of assessment days taking place across the academic year. The entrance assessment focuses on the whole child and their academic potential rather than their current academic attainment.

Notable former pupils[edit]


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