Arnold Pick

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Arnold Pick
Born(1851-07-20)20 July 1851
Died4 April 1924(1924-04-04) (aged 72)
Medical career
Institutionsthe German University

Arnold Pick (20 July 1851 – 4 April 1924) was a psychiatrist from Austria-Hungary and later Czechoslovakia. He is known for first describing clinical features of frontotemporal dementia between 1892 and 1906.[1] The disorder he described was given the name Pick's disease in 1922.[2] This term is now reserved for the behavioral variant of frontal temporal dementia that shows the presence of the characteristic Pick bodies and Pick cells,[3] which were first described by Alois Alzheimer in 1911.[2][4]

He was the first to name reduplicative paramnesia. He was the second to use the term dementia praecox (in 1891).[5] Pick trained in Berlin with Karl Friedrich Otto Westphal and later worked at the infamous asylum of Wehnen.[2] Pick headed the Prague neuropathological school and one of the school's members was Oskar Fischer.[6] This school was one of the two neuropathological schools (the other one was in Munich where Alois Alzheimer worked) in Europe at the time that framed Alzheimer disease through empirical discoveries.[7]


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