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Sir Arnold Plant
Arnold Plant.jpg
Born29 April 1898
Hoxton, London, England
Died19 April 1978(1978-04-19) (aged 79)
Edith Render (m. 1925)
InfluencesDavid Hume,[1] Edwin Cannan[1]

Sir Arnold Plant (29 April 1898 – 19 April 1978) was a British economist.[2][3]

Plant was born in Hoxton, London, the son of a municipal librarian, William Charles Plant, and Thomasine Emily Plant.[4][1] After attending Strand School, he worked for a mechanical engineering organisation. At the advice of William Piercy, he set out to learn about management. He obtained a BCom degree (1922) and a BSc degree in Economics (1923; specialising in modern economic history) from the London School of Economics.[1]

He worked as a professor at the University of Cape Town (1923–1930) and at the London School of Economics (1930–1965).[2]

Plant's 1934 paper on patents, "The Economic Theory Concerning Patents for Inventions",[5] is considered a classic.

In 1947, he was knighted.[2] [6] He died in 1978. His widow, Edith, Lady Plant, died a decade later.[7]

Published work (selection)[edit]

  • Plant, Arnold (February 1932). "Trends in Business Administration". Economica (35): 45–62.
  • Plant, Arnold (February 1934). "The Economic Theory Concerning Patents for Inventions". Economica. New Series. 1 (1): 30–51. doi:10.2307/2548573. JSTOR 2548573.
  • Plant, Arnold (May 1934). "The Economic Aspects of Copyright in Books". Economica. New Series. 1 (2): 167–195. doi:10.2307/2548748. JSTOR 2548748.
  • Plant, Arnold (May 1939). "An African Survey". Economica. New Series. 6 (22): 205–212. doi:10.2307/2548933. JSTOR 2548933.


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