Arnold William Reinold

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Arnold William Reinold
Born (1843-06-19)19 June 1843
Died 11 April 1921(1921-04-11) (aged 77)
Nationality England
Education M.A.[1]
Alma mater Oxford
Occupation Physicist
Spouse(s) Studdy Owen
Parent(s) John Henry Arnold Reinold

Arnold William Reinold (19 June 1843 – 11 April 1921) was an English physicist.

Born in Hull, the son of shipbroker John Henry Arnold Reinold, he received his early education at the St Peter's School, York. In 1863 he matriculated to Brasenose College, Oxford where he studied mathematics. He became a fellow of Merton College, Oxford in December, 1866;[2] a position which he resigned in 1869[1] upon marrying Studdy Owen—the couple would have one daughter and three sons.[3] In 1869 he was appointed the first Lee's Reader in Physics at Christ Church,[4] and was awarded an M.A. in 1870.[1]

In 1871 he was named Examiner in Physics at Oxford.[1] When the Royal Naval College, Greenwich was established in 1873, he was appointed Professor of Physics there; a post he would hold for the next 35 years. During most of his period at Greenwich he was a lecturer at Guy's Hospital. Between 1877–93, he collaborated with English physicist Arthur William Rucker on series of papers about the properties of thin films. He was named a fellow of the Royal Society in 1883.[3] During 1874–88 he was honorable secretary for the Physical Society of London, whereupon he was elected as president of the body.[1]


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