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Arnold Wycombe Gomme (16 November 1886 – 17 January 1959) was a British classical scholar, lecturer in ancient Greek and Greek history (1911–1945), professor of ancient Greek, University of Glasgow (1946–1957), Fellow of the British Academy (1947).


He was born to Laurence and Alice Gomme, noted folklore experts. He studied at Merchant Taylor's School and Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1911, he became assistant lecturer in Greek and Greek history at the University of Glasgow. In 1946, he became professor of ancient Greek at the same university.

In October 1914, he was commissioned in the Interpreters' Corps. From November 1914 to November 1915, he served with the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 8th Division in France. In June 1915, he was transferred to the Army Service Corps in France. From November 1915 to October 1916, was chief of MI-1c political and economic intelligence in Thessalonika, Greece.[1] He was invalided out of the Army. From March 1917 to January 1918, he worked for the Admiralty.

His major work was his commentary on Thucydides. The first volume was published in 1945. The theft of a suitcase set back the following two volumes to 1956. At his death, the work was unfinished (he had left notes on Book 5). A. Andrewes and K.J. Dover wrote the final volumes.

In 1917, he married Phyllis Emmerson. He was the father of Andor Gomme, Professor of English Literature and Architectural History at Keele University.


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