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Arok Wolvengrey /ˈærək ˈwʊlvən.ɡr/ is a linguist noted for his work with Amerindian languages.

Wolvengrey received his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Saskatchewan, his Master's at the University of Winnipeg, and his Doctorate at University of Amsterdam.

On 15 October 2001, Wolvengrey published what is regarded as the most extensive CreeEnglish dictionary to date. The two-volume work, titled ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ: ᐃᑗᐏᓇ / nēhiýawēwin: itwēwina / Cree: Words, includes 15 000 Cree-to-English and 35 000 English-to-Cree entries.

As of 2006, Wolvengrey teaches and serves as Coordinator of Linguistics at the Department of Indian Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at the First Nations University of Canada (FNUC), University of Regina campus. His regularly offered classes focus on syntax and the languages of the Americas.


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