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Illimani, as seen from Collana
Illimani, as seen from Collana
Location of Aroma Province within Bolivia
Location of Aroma Province within Bolivia
Provinces of the La Paz Department
Provinces of the La Paz Department
Coordinates: 17°20′0″S 67°50′0″W / 17.33333°S 67.83333°W / -17.33333; -67.83333
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
DepartmentLa Paz Department
CapitalSica Sica (Sika Sika)
 • Total4,510 km2 (1,740 sq mi)
(2012 census)
 • Total97,364
 • Density22/km2 (56/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities

Aroma is one of the twenty provinces of the Bolivian La Paz Department. It is situated in the southern parts of the department. Its seat is Sica Sica (Sika Sika).


Aroma province is located between 16° 43' and 17° 35' South and between 67° 22' and 68° 23' West. It extends over 120 km from north west to south east, and up to 55 km from north east to south west.

The province is situated on the Bolivian Altiplano south east of Lake Titicaca and borders Ingavi Province in the north west, Pacajes Province in the west, Gualberto Villarroel Province in the south, Oruro Department in the south east, Loayza Province in the east, and Pedro Domingo Murillo Province in the north.


Some of the highest mountains of the province are listed below:[1]


The population of Aroma Province has increased by 80% over the recent two decades:

  • 1992: 65,730 inhabitants (census)
  • 2001: 86,480 inhabitants (census)
  • 2005: 99,162 inhabitants (est.)[2]
  • 2010: 110,418 inhabitants (est.)[3]

45.1% of the population are younger than 15 years old. (1992)

79.9% of the population speak Spanish, 93.9% speak Aymara, and 6.7% Quechua. (2001)

The literacy rate of the population of the province is 78.4%. (1992)

82.1% of the population have no access to electricity, 88.0% have no sanitary facilities. (1992)

69.2% of the population are Catholics, 25.5% are Protestants. (1992)


The province comprises seven municipios which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Inhabitants (2001)[4] Seat Inhabitants (2001)[4]
1st Sica Sica Municipality 26,818 Sica Sica 3,831
2nd Umala Municipality 9,583 Umala 152
3rd Ayo Ayo Municipality 6,981 Ayo Ayo 647
4th Calamarca Municipality 12,112 Calamarca 943
5th Patacamaya Municipality 20,039 Patacamaya 8,414
6th Colquencha Municipality 8,020 Colquencha 2,352
7th Collana Municipality 2,927 Collana 1,936

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Coordinates: 17°20′S 67°50′W / 17.333°S 67.833°W / -17.333; -67.833