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Aron Ra
Aron Ra (3).jpg
Aron Ra speaking at De Vrije Gedachte in Utrecht, Netherlands in 2015[1]
L. Aron Nelson[2]

(1962-10-15) October 15, 1962 (age 56)
ResidenceGarland, Texas
OccupationPublic speaker, video producer, vlogger, podcaster
OrganizationAtheist Alliance of America
Known forAnti-theist activism, evolution education
Spouse(s)Lilandra Ra (2009–present)

Aron Ra[3] (born L. Aron Nelson, October 15, 1962) is an atheist activist and the host of the Ra-Men Podcast.[4][5][6] He formerly served as president of the Atheist Alliance of America[7][8] and as director of the Texas state chapter of American Atheists.[4]

Early life[edit]

Aron Ra was born in Kingman, Arizona, and baptized as a Mormon. Despite his religious upbringing, he claims to have been a skeptic from a young age.[9]

He studied paleontology at the University of Texas at Dallas.[10][11]


A vocal critic of theism and creationism and an advocate for the inclusion of evolution in science curricula,[10][12][13][14] Ra produces YouTube videos on the topics of skepticism, free thought, and atheism. Among the video series he has released are "Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism,"[15] "Refuting the Irrefutable Proof of God,"[16] and "How Aron Ra Disproves Noah's Flood".[17]

He has engaged in live debates with creationists, including Ray Comfort and Kent Hovind,[18] and presented at skepticism conferences in Great Britain and Europe.[19][1][9][20] As a member of the Unholy Trinity, he toured the United States and Australia with fellow atheist activists Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist and Matt Dillahunty of The Atheist Experience.[21][22] [23]

He appeared in the documentary films My Week in Atheism, directed by John Christy,[24][25] and Batman & Jesus, directed by Jozef K. Richards.[26] He published his first book, Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, in 2016.[27][28]

Political candidacy[edit]

In March 2017, Ra resigned from his position as president of the Atheist Alliance of America to run for Texas State Senate against Republican incumbent Bob Hall.[8][29][30] The first Democratic candidate to run for the Distinct 2 seat since 2002,[31] he eventually dropped out of the race after failing to secure the Democratic Party endorsement.[32]


Ra, Aron (2016). Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism. Durham, North Carolina: Pitchstone Publishing. ISBN 978-1-63431-078-9.


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