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Aroor bypass
Aroor bypass
Aroor is located in Kerala
Location in Kerala, India
Aroor is located in India
Aroor (India)
Coordinates: 9°53′N 76°18′E / 9.88°N 76.3°E / 9.88; 76.3Coordinates: 9°53′N 76°18′E / 9.88°N 76.3°E / 9.88; 76.3
Country India
 • MLAAdv. A.M. Ariff (2006-2011, re-elected in 2011 )
 • Total39,214
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0478
Vehicle registrationKL-32
Lok Sabha constituencyAlappuzha
Vidhan Sabha constituencyAroor
A beautiful sunrise from Aroor bridge
St. Augustine's Church, Aroor
Aroor-Edakochi bridge, a night view
A seafood export processing plant at Aroor. The coldstorage shipment containers are seen in the front of the plant.

Aroor is a census town at the northern end of Alappuzha district and the southern end of the Kochi Bypass in the state of Kerala, India. It is a seafood related industrial area to the south of Kochi. Aroor is a two way entrance to the city of Kochi.



As of 2011 Indian census,[1] Aroor had a population of 39,214. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Its average literacy rate is of 84% higher than the national average of 59.5%. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.


The name "Aroor" traces its origins to the phrase "Arayarude Oor", which means the place of Hindu fishermen Group Mainly the sub class Vaalarayar or vaala, derived the name from their unique fishing equipment "Dragon Tailed" (Vaal in Malayalam) Net used in their legal fishery . It was later shortened as "Arayaroor" and subsequently to the present version.

Aroor provides the former Travancore and Cochin states with a history. In the pre-independence days, the coastal tip was known for its adventurous youngsters who would try to get goods past the vigilant customs (one state to another). Much later, in independent India, Aroor was famous for having elected K. R. Gowri Amma, the indomitable lady politician of Kerala, for a record of eight times, to the Kerala Legislative Assembly position.


Aroor is the northernmost tip of Alappuzha district and lies on the National Highway 47 NH 47 (India)at the south end of the famous Kochi Bypass. It is around 14km south of Ernakulam (Kochi) [1], the commercial hub of Kerala. Even though Aroor is a part of Alappuzha, it is often referred as the southernmost tip of the Cochin City and the industrial hub of Allapuzha District.

Aroor is linked to the nearby land Kumbalam through a bridge. The Aroor-Kumbalam Bridge is the second-longest bridge (now the bridge is doubled with four-lane traffic) in Kerala, spanning about 993 m. It links Aroor with Ernakulam district at Kumbalam through the Kochi Bypass. The bypass opened to traffic in 1987.

St. Augustine's Church is a major attraction, on the highway in the heart of Aroor. The parish is also the part of Mundamveli Parish and separated in the early 1900s. The saint, originally from Africa, has been given an almost Aroorian identity, with countless stories of how he takes a walk around Aroor at night with his staff, visiting every neighbourhood, to keep the place safe. The current church, over 138 years old, was built on land donated by the Aelavanthara family, among the oldest and most prestigious among the Christian families in Aroor.[2]


Aroor Puthuvaranad Temple is a famous temple in Aroor. The idol of Kali is similar to the Kali idol of Dakshineswaram Kolkatha. The temple belongs to the Chirammel Kambakkaran Family, the land lords in Aroor. Hundreds of acres of land were surrendered during the time of land reforms.

Aroor Karthyayani Temple is another main temple in Aroor. The name "Aroor" is derived from this temple. It is on the National HighWay. Arookutty road starts from the Aroor junction. Aroor Cheruvally Temple and the Kavu with the temple, known as Paradevatha Kavu and Kizhakkedathu Kavu are scenic attractions in the temple. The banyan tree at the southwestern corner of the temple, and the Ganapathi idol known as the Aaltharra Ganapathi, are other attractions of the temple. The Ganapathi idol is similar to the idol of Pillayarpatti Ganapathi. Pillayara patti is a place near Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Kottilakkattu Kudumpa Paradevatha is also near the Cheruvally Temple. The long Pala Maram of the Devasthanam is a main attraction. Aroor Vattakkeril Temple is the secular temple of Aroor. The Garuda Vahana Ezhunnalleth and Thadi Thullal are the main attractions in the festival.

Places of worship[edit]

  • Thuravoor Nrisimhaswami Temple
  • Ammanezhathu Sree Bhavaneeswara Temple
  • Cheruvally Devasvam
  • Calasanz Bhavan Chapel, Aroor
  • Holy Family Chapel, St.Augustine - Poojappura crosse Road
  • Indian Pentecostal Church of God - Philadelphia Hall
  • Karthyayani Devi Temple (Travancore Devasam Major Temple)
  • Kottilakkattu Kudumba Paradevatha Aroor
  • Kanakakunnu Subhramanya Temple
  • Masjid ul Aman
  • Masjid ul Rahman
  • Mahal Muslim Jamath
  • Nadakal Sreedharma Shastha Temple
  • Nadakkal Sree Dharma Shastha Temple, Aroor
  • Our Lady of Mercy Chapel. Aroor West
  • Our Lady of Ransom Church, Chandiroor
  • Pavumpayil Sreekrishna Swamy Temple
  • Sree Puthuvaranattu Temple (Palliyarakkavu Temple)
  • Sree Kanakakunnu Temple (Poojappura Temple)
  • Sreekumara Vilasom Temple, Puthenangady
  • Sree Kumarthupady Devi Temple Chandiroor
  • Sree Krishna Temple, Chandiroor
  • Sree Palliyil Bhagavathy Temple, Chandiroor
  • Sree Subramania Swamy temple
  • St. Augustine's Church - a major landmark, right on the highway
  • St. Joseph's Chapel, Aroor East
  • St. Antony's Chapel, Aroor South
  • Vijayamatha Chapel, Subramaniyam road, Aroor
  • St. Mary's Church, Mariyoor, Aroor
  • St. Joseph's Chapel, Aroor North
  • St. Mary's Church, Chandiroor
  • Vattakeril Sree Khandakarna Temple

Educational institutions[edit]

  • KELTRAC,Aroor
  • TIME Kids Pre-school, Aroor
  • Government High School, Aroor
  • Government Higher Secondary School, Chandiroor
  • St.Augustine's Higher Secondary School, Aroor
  • Our Lady of Mercy Higher Secondary School
  • Holy Angels Residential School, Aroor
  • Al Ameen Public School, Chandiroor
  • Yahia ul Islam, Chandiroor
  • Najmul huda Public School, Chandiroor
  • E.C.E.K Union High School, Kuthiathode

Prominent hospitals[edit]

  • State Government Hospital
  • ESI Dispensary
  • Lakshmi Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Karthika Hospital
  • Jeevans Hospital, Chandiroor
  • Chandiroor Mission Hospital


  • Seafood export- Aroor is near Vembanad lake, a part of Kerala backwaters. This ecosystem helps large-scale prawn and shrimp farming to be an alternative to the low-lying paddy fields, which have the interlocked water system connected to the Kerala backwaters. Secondly the Cochin fishing harbour and port is just 15 km away from Aroor. The abundance of marine wealth and logistical advantages have helped the seafood export to grow, especially around Aroor. There are many marine food processing units in Aroor which provide employment to a number of people. The raw seafood catch is also purchased by large seafood export firms from North Kerala, Kollam, South Karnataka, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu, processed and preserved in cold storages, and then trans-shipped through Cochin port.
  • Keltron Controls[3] - control and instrumentation division of Keltron
  • KELTRAC - Keltron Toolroom Research and Training Centre
  • Elite Food Products Pvt Ltd - bread making
  • Studio Complex Manorama News - prominent Malayalam television news channel
  • Karthika Auto Enterprises - truck body building company


Aroor assembly constituency is part of Alappuzha (Lok Sabha constituency).[4]

The place has the distinction of electing K.R. Gowri Amma to the Kerala Assembly, on a record eight occasions. During the last elections, however, she lost to a younger candidate A.M. Ariff of CPI(M). It was when Gowri Amma was a minister, that A.K. Antony lead Congress men blocked the NH 47 at Chandiroor over the Velluthully kayal[5] issue. That was the start of Antony's political career. He went on to become the Chief Minister of Kerala and then the defense Minister of India. Gowri Amma was the agriculture minister in his cabinet.

The panchayats that come under the Aroor Assembly constituency are Aroor, Ezhupunna, Kodamthuruth, Kuthiathode, Thuravoor, Arookutty, Panavally, Thaikkattuserry, Perumpalam and Pallippuram.


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