Around the Beatles

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Around the Beatles
Genre TV Special
Directed by Rita Gillespie
Starring The Beatles
with Long John Baldry
P.J. Proby
The Vernons Girls
Cilla Black
Sounds Incorporated
Producer(s) Jack Good
Original network ITV
Original release 6 May 1964 (1964-05-06)

Around the Beatles was a 1964 television special featuring the Beatles, produced by Jack Good for ITV/Rediffusion London. It was taped in Wembley Park Studios (now known as Fountain Studios) in London on 19 April 1964, and broadcast internationally, with its initial airing on 6 May 1964, and in the US on the ABC network on 15 November. The show featured other performers as well, with the Beatles providing backing vocals for some of them.


The show opens on an image of the Globe Theatre, with Ringo Starr unfurling a flag with the legend "Around the Beatles". The studio setting is arranged as a theatre in the round, (hence the show's name) echoing the seating arrangement of the Globe. The opening act is a humorous rendition of the "play within a play", Pyramus and Thisbe (Act V, Scene I) from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with Paul McCartney as Pyramus, John Lennon as his lover Thisbe, George Harrison as Moonshine, and Starr as Lion,[1] and also features Trevor Peacock in the role of Quince.

The Beatles[edit]

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The special was released as a bootleg video by Media Home Entertainment. A video segment from the special appears in The Beatles Anthology documentary film. Songs from the special appear on the Anthology 1 compilation. The Beatles' musical set features the only recorded performance of "Shout" by the group. The footage of them singing "Can't Buy Me Love" is now included on the video disk of the 2015 reissue of the compilation 1. All of the songs performed by the Beatles in the special were released on home video in 1985 by EMI and Dave Clark Productions as "Ready Steady Go! Special Edition The Beatles Live!", which was available on VHS and later on an 8" LaserDisc.


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