Around the Clock (song)

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"Around the Clock"
Single by Nothing's Carved in Stone
Released December 9, 2009
Genre Alternative rock
Length 22:44
Label Dynamord
Songwriter(s) Shinichi Ubukata, Takanori Ohkita, Hidekazu Hinata, Taku Muramatsu
Nothing's Carved in Stone singles chronology
"Around the Clock"
Around the Clock

"Around the Clock" is a single by the Japanese rock band Nothing's Carved in Stone released on December 9, 2009. It peaked at number 21 on the Oricon charts.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Nothing's Carved in Stone.

No. Title Length
1. "Around the Clock" 4:07
2. "Bone Age" 4:29
3. "The Swim" 3:45
4. "Isolation (Live at Space Shower Sweet Love Shower 2009 < 2009.08.29 >)" 4:43
5. "Tribal Session~End (Live at Ebisu Liquidroom < 2009.07.15 >)" 5:40


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