Arpaïs Du Bois

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Arpaïs Du Bois
Arpaïs Du Bois in Galerie Geukens and De Vil, Antwerp, Belgium, on December 9, 2010
Born 1973
Gent, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Known for Contemporary art

Arpaïs Du Bois (born 1973) is a Belgian drawer and painter. She lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She is represented by Gallery Fifty One, Antwerp.


Her works on paper in diary-like books form a significant portion of her artwork. Utilizing word and image associations are characteristic of Du Bois's work, as is the use of language. Her paintings are digested comments on earlier drawings. Concerning her artwork, Du Bois remarked, "When I find a drawing in which I think others will see something, then I take it along for a painting. I have lived all my paintings, so to speak. Painting is an adventure".[1]

She has three published books by Toohcsmi, Uitgevers, and one collaboration book with Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto via Lannoo Publishers.

Arpaïs Du Bois has been working on a daily blog since 2008 called "Instant de jour et dessin d'un soir", which is a daily posted photograph combined with a daily drawing.


Concerning Du Bois's artwork, Roger Pierre Turine has stated, "Between dreams, pains, fears and passing euphoria, they are witness drawings and crutches to the artist whenever she doubts."[2] Anne-Marie Poels remarked, "Du Bois sees, thinks, feels, hears and lets the result of this flow onto paper".[3]


  • Bundel Lichamen, Toohcsmi, 2001
  • Histoire, Imschoot, 2004
  • Des illusions virgule, Toohcsmi, 2005
  • Where We Met, Lannoo Publishers, 2011, ISBN 978-90-209-5788-4
  • Petit livre qui ne tient pas debout, Lannoo Publishers, 2013, ISBN 978-94-014-1102-8


Selected solo exhibitions:

  • "Mon rêve avait une jambe de bois" 2003, Asse
  • "Histoire" 2004, Aulnay-sous-Bois, (Paris)
  • "Petites graines de tous les jours" 2006, Prague
  • "Le sauvetage de la grande béquille" 2008, Antwerp
  • "Du corps au monde" 2010-2011, Kapellen
  • "Trois cent quatre-vingt-onze, deux mille sept cent quarante huit" 2011, Antwerp.
    • 46 sketchbooks with a total of 2748 drawings, that together form the diaries of one year and 26 days. A mirror of herself in two thousand and a few splinters.[4]
  • "Face au(x deux) mur(s)", 2012, Hasselt
  • "Where They Met", with Yamamoto Masao, 2012, Antwerp.[5]
  • "Where They Met - and Further", with Yamamoto Masao, Semina Rerum, 2012, Zürich
  • "au manège défoncé", PAK, 2013, Gistel
  • "noyade sèche", Galerie van der Mieden, 2013, Brussels
  • "PAR LES BRETELLES", Gallery Fifty One, 2014, Antwerp

Selected group exhibitions:

  • "Tekeningen" 2004, Gent
  • "Papier" 2007, Antwerp
  • "Drawing Actions" 2009, Geel
  • "When Will They Finally See the Power of Drawing" 2010-2011, Antwerp.
    • This exhibition was presented as a "unique"[6] and "first choice"[7] exhibition in which drawings from 62 artists from the contemporary Belgian art-scene were brought together for the first time. Bert Popelier considered the exhibition "a revival of the art of drawing".[8]
  • "Tchip Tchip", 2012
    • alongside Philippe Vandenberg, Masahisa Fukase, Raphaël Buedts, …, Marchin
  • "Raak", 2012
  • "The Golem-Project", TINA-B, 2012, Prague
  • "gratis toegang", St. Martinuspastorij, 2013, Westmalle
  • "Quinta Essentia", semina rerum, 2013, Zürich
  • "Crossing lines again" Workplace, 2013, Antwerp
  • "Oorlog en Trauma", Museum Dr.Guislain, 2013-2014, Ghent
  • "ALMANACH", curated by Lorand Hegyi, Galerie Heike Curtze, 2014, Vienna (A) and Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, 2014, Firenze (I)
  • "La fureur de vivre", LA BRASSERIE, 2014, Foncquevillers (F)

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