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Arpad Miklos
Arpad Miklos.jpg
Péter Kozma

(1967-09-11)11 September 1967
Died3 February 2013(2013-02-03) (aged 45)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Cause of deathDrug overdose
Other namesFrancois Kagylo
Peter Kozma[1]
Árpád Miklós[2][3]
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight235 lb (107 kg)

Arpad Miklos (born Péter Kozma, 11 September 1967 – 3 February 2013), known under various pseudonyms was a Hungarian pornographic actor who appeared in gay pornographic films.


Miklos was born in Budapest, Hungary. He used to be a chemist[4] before becoming a porn actor. He last resided in New York City,[5] where he also worked as an escort.[6]


Miklos worked under the direction of John Rutherford, Michael Lucas, Jerry Douglas, Kristen Bjorn, and Chi Chi LaRue. He appeared as François Kagylo in a European film with director Herve Handsome. Miklos won a "Grabby" award and a GayVN award for his part in BuckleRoos Part I.[7] Miklos only performed in the top role in his videos, but sometimes performed fellatio as a bottom.

In August 2009 he released his first straight film for the Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (SG4GE) site, performing so well that his female scene partner didn't realize she was having sex with a gay man.[8] Miklos approached SG4GE's company principal Jake Cruise with the intent of performing at least one heterosexual scene in his career, with Cruise endorsing the "winning idea" because he wanted to portray a "masculine gay man exploring straight sex" because "I’ve always loved to push boundaries and press buttons with my work."[9][10]

In June 2010 Miklos was chosen to feature on the BUTT Magazine beach towels sold at American Apparel; for every towel sold a portion would be donated to the Ali Forney Center, an NYC organization providing housing and services to LGBTQ youth.

He appeared in the September 2007 edition of Unzipped magazine.[11] In January 2012, Miklos featured in the music video for the song "Hood" alongside artist Perfume Genius.



Miklos, at the age of 45, was found dead in his Lower East Side, New York City apartment on 3 February 2013 from an apparent self-induced drug overdose.[12] A suicide note was found at the scene instructing friends regarding his wishes for any memorial service.[1]

The motivation for his suicide was speculated as long-term depression. Miklos's friend and New York writer Randal Lynch is quoted as saying "He was a very active person in the gay community. He wasn't happy, I would say, but he wasn't going into crying fits. He was a hard nut to crack. I knew he was depressed, but I didn't realize the severity of it, because he was not a very talkative person about his own emotions."[13]



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Music videos[edit]

Hood (2012) (artist Perfume Genius, directed by Winston H. Case)

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