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Original author(s) Craig Leres
Developer(s) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group
Initial release v1.0 Tue Jun 16 3:05:31 PDT 1992
Stable release
2.1a15 / July 28, 2006; 12 years ago (2006-07-28)
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Computer security
License 3-clause BSD source with autoconf parts under GNU General Public License

arpwatch is a computer software tool for monitoring Address Resolution Protocol traffic on a computer network.[1] It generates a log of observed pairing of IP addresses with MAC addresses along with a timestamp when the pairing appeared on the network. It also has the option of sending an email to an administrator when a pairing changes or is added.

Network administrators monitor ARP activity to detect ARP spoofing, network flip-flops, changed and new stations and address reuse.

arpwatch was developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Network Research Group, as open-source software and is released under the BSD license.

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