Arrakis Planitia

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Arrakis Planitia
Feature type Planitia
Coordinates 78°24′S 117°00′W / 78.4°S 117.0°W / -78.4; -117.0Coordinates: 78°24′S 117°00′W / 78.4°S 117.0°W / -78.4; -117.0
Eponym Arrakis

Arrakis Planitia is a planitia (plain) on Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. It is located in Titan's southern hemisphere, between 74-80° south and 113-134° east,[1] within the Mezzoramia region.[2]

Arrakis Planitia is named after Arrakis, a fictional desert planet that is featured prominently in Frank Herbert's Dune novels.[1] The name follows a convention that Titanean plains are named after planets in Herbert's work.[3][4][5]


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